10 Bourbon-Food Pairings You Need To Try

The smokiness of brisket complements bourbon's deep, woody notes, and the meat's fattiness balances the whiskey's warmth, making them a perfect pairing to savor together.

Barbecue brisket

The fat content in cured meats balances bourbon's heat, and their savory flavors meld seamlessly with the caramel undertones of bourbon, making them ideal for charcuterie boards.

Country ham and prosciutto

The fattiness of salmon pairs well with bourbon's rich complexity, creating a flavorful combination that goes beyond the typical wine pairing.


The sweetness and bitterness of chocolate highlight bourbon's robust taste profile, making dark or milk chocolate an excellent match for sipping bourbon.


Different cheeses, from creamy brie to sharp cheddar, pair well with bourbon, with aged and harder cheeses generally matching best with bourbons in the 80-90 proof range.


The rich flavors of pâté benefit from bourbon's balancing effects, with different pâtés pairing well with bourbons of varying alcohol by volume percentages.


Bourbon's grain base makes it a natural match for breads like rye, wheat, and corn, deepening the appreciation for both.

Rye, wheat, and corn breads

Vanilla ice cream's sweetness and creaminess pair perfectly with bourbon's rich, warm flavors, making for an indulgent treat.

Vanilla ice cream

Popcorn's buttery notes resonate with bourbon's rich profile, creating a delectable pairing perfect for a movie night.

Buttered popcorn

The nutty, caramelized flavors of Southern desserts like pecan or Derby pie mirror bourbon's notes, often incorporating bourbon into the recipes themselves.

Pecan or Derby pie