10 Window Treatment Ideas For Sliding Glass Doors

Achieve a cohesive look by matching the curtains to the calming green walls, creating continuity and allowing the statement trim to stand out when shut.

Green Coastal Bedroom:

Embrace natural light with airy curtains that allow the sun's rays to filter through sliding glass doors while still maintaining privacy.

Coastal Living Rooms:

Make a statement with window treatments by pairing different blue and white prints, adding visual interest to the space.

Blue and Gray Living Room:

Opt for minimalist roller shades in rooms with expansive windows to maintain a clean and uncluttered aesthetic while maximizing the view.

Neutral Living Room:

Create the illusion of larger windows with floor-to-ceiling drapes, enhancing the room's sense of luxury and spaciousness.

Black and White Bedroom:

Infuse color into your space with vibrant drapes, turning them into a striking design element that enlivens the room.

Blue Living Room:

Maintain cohesion in an open concept space by using the same fabric for all window treatments, ensuring a harmonious look throughout.

Neutral Open Concept Living and Dining Room:

Add texture and contrast with bamboo window treatments, offering a versatile option suitable for various interior styles.

Shaun Smith New Orleans Ranch Sunroom:

Keep it simple yet cozy with classic white curtains in a light, neutral space, providing warmth and softness to the room.

Cream Neutral Bathroom:

Elevate drapes with beautiful trim detailing, such as a green Greek key symbol, adding pattern and color to balance the room's decor.

Maximalist Blue and White Bedroom: