7 Activities Now Out of Reach Amid Economic Price Surge

A few years ago, a straightforward road drive across the state would have been seen as an inexpensive outing. But as The Washington Post's Micheline Maynard notes in her piece, rising hotel, motel, and dining expenses.

Road Trips

Every time they travel to the US, visitors always come home praising their experiences eating out in the country of plenty. Nevertheless, it appears from recent reports that eateries are raising their pricing while decreasing serving sizes. 


Predictions indicated that after a few years of travel restrictions, record numbers of people will be flying during the Thanksgiving season in 2023. Nonetheless, the expense of transporting and housing a family of four compelled numerous families to opt for less expensive travel.


In his wartime essay "England Your England," George Orwell referred to Britain as "a nation of hobbyists." Though would he see the same country today? His fondness for the average man and lady pursuing their interests is evident.

Practicing Hobbies

The cost of alcohol drank outside the home has increased by nearly 100% since 2000, according to a 2023 CNBC survey of drinking patterns, while the average cost of all alcoholic goods was projected to have increased by 79% within the same time frame. 

Going to a Bar

The cost of tickets to athletic events skyrocketed by 25% in October 2023 over the previous year. This is due to a number of factors, including rising demand and inflation rates that drive up energy prices.

Sporting Events

A person shared a snapshot of a Connecticut McDonald's menu in a recent post, demonstrating the sharp increase in the cost of junk food. 

 Junk Food and Desserts