7 Breakfast Foods No One Should Be Eating Anymore

Sugary cereals

A bowl of sugary cereal in the morning could give you a short energy boost, but you will eventually crash.

Flavoured yoghurt cups

Yoghurt cups with flavours frequently contain artificial additives and hidden sugars. Instead, go for plain Greek yoghurt and sweeten it with a drizzle of honey or fresh fruit.

White bread and bagels

Refined flour, which lacks the fibre and nutrients present in whole grains, is used to make white bread and bagels.


Sandwiches are delicious, but they also contain a lot of empty calories and saturated fat.

Pancakes and syrup

Syrup and traditional pancakes can be a sugar-coated trap. Alternatively, go for pancakes made with whole-grain or almond flour and garnish them with either fresh berries or a small quantity of pure maple syrup.

Processed breakfast meats

Breakfast classics like sausage, bacon and packaged baked beans may seem healthy, but their high sodium and saturated fat levels can be harmful.

Muffins and pastries

Store-bought muffins and pastries may be convenient, but they frequently include unhealthy fats and processed sugars.