7 Easy Heart Healthy Recipes

Roasted Chickpeas

In addition to being simple to prepare ahead of time for all of your weekly snack needs, Weeks claims that these chickpeas are also very beneficial to heart health.

Mediterranean Tofu Scramble

His delicious tofu scramble, made entirely of plant-based ingredients like tofu, zucchini, and bell pepper, is nonetheless as full as breakfast gets.

Roasted Poblano and Black Bean BBQ Pita Pizza

Whether you work from home or in an office, finding the time to prepare a filling lunch in the middle of the day can be challenging. Taking that into consideration, this recipe makes a delicious dinner

Make-Ahead Lentil and Walnut Chili

This is a terrific make-ahead vegetarian chili that tastes even better after it has had a night in the refrigerator, allowing the flavors to fully blend. It is loaded with fiber- and omega-3-rich foods (including lentils and walnuts)

Red Lentil Dal with Veggies

According to Weeks, "dal is a traditional Indian dish made with split peas or lentils that is cooked with spices like turmeric, which gives it that yellow glow."

Creamy Vegetable Lasagna Skillet

Thanks to an abundance of carrots, yellow squash, bell pepper, and baby spinach, this cheesy noodle-skillet has far more vegetables than the USDA's daily recommended of two cups.

Garlic-Turmeric Steelhead Trout With Roasted Asparagus

For this meal, Weeks likes steelhead trout over rainbow because of its slightly higher omega-3 fatty acid content. If you can't get steelhead trout, you can substitute another type of trout or go with salmon