7 Ways to Live a More Minimalist Lifestyle

Simplify your meals

To get rid of grit and other built-up crud, clean under your fingernails using the tip of a nail pick or a pair of clippers. To ensure that you can easily see your nails, do this in a well-lit restroom.

Make a budget

It might help to start with a budget if you want to keep track of the things you own. Making a budget can help you see how much you spend each month and on what.

Manage subscription services

Costs that keep coming up, like recurring charges, are easy to miss. But you might want to use a tool like Eno, your Capital One helper, to keep an eye on charges that keep coming up.

Simplify your clothes

Every day we make thousands of decisions, big and little, and over the course of the day, it s not uncommon for decision fatigue to set in. This is where the quality of those decisions diminishes with the quantity.

Declutter your space

Decluttering has several methods. The Minimalists podcast suggests a 30-day minimalist game in which players get rid of one thing on the first day, two on the second, and so on.

Choose sustainable items

Hossle advises purchasing quality over quantity. Minimalists may choose one high-quality or reusable item than a dozen inexpensive ones that might break. Long-term savings and avoiding planned obsolescence may result.

Consider a capsule wardrobe

How about a two-minute morning ritual of mixing staples to create an outfit? A capsule wardrobe has a few mix-and-match items. It may help minimalists own fewer clothes and save space.