9 Veggie Sandwiches You Can Make in 10 Minutes or Less

1. Cucumber Sandwich

This creamy, crunchy cucumber sandwich strikes a lovely balance between decadent and light, with a cream cheese yogurt spread and refreshing cucumbers.

2. Veggie & Hummus Sandwich

This hearty vegetable and hummus sandwich is perfect for a heart-healthy vegetarian lunch. Mix it up with different hummus flavors and veggies.

3. Green Goddess Sandwich

Packed with a flavorful punch from capers and lemon juice, this fresh sandwich combines crunchy cucumbers and sprouts with seasoned avocado.

4. White Bean & Avocado Sandwich

White beans and avocado make a creamy, protein-packed spread for a healthy sandwich that's easy for lunch or dinner. It's also high in fiber.

5. Rainbow Veggie Wraps

These kid-friendly wraps, stuffed with vegetables, cheese, and hummus, have a sushi vibe and are easy enough for kids to assemble themselves.

6. Crispy Smoked Tofu & Coleslaw Wraps

Super-crispy smoked tofu, tossed in cornstarch and pan-fried, pairs with coleslaw. Drizzle with hot honey or hot sauce for extra spice.

7. Mushroom Sandwich with Pickled Onion

A specialty from Dad's Luncheonette, this sandwich features local maitake mushrooms cooked in ghee for a nutty flavor.

8. Chickpea Salad Sandwich

This vegan sandwich is lemony and bright, with chickpeas replacing tuna for a protein-rich, fiber-boosting twist on a classic salad.

9. Vegetarian Antipasto Sliders

These sliders are a delicious twist on the classic Italian appetizer. Use soft, pull-apart dinner rolls or whole-wheat burger buns for larger sandwiches.

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