Rick Ross attacked after playing Kendrick Lamar's Drake diss track during Vancouver concert

Rick Ross, a prominent rapper aged 48, was assaulted on Sunday night after his performance at the Ignite Music Festival in Vancouver, as captured in videos shared on social media.

The altercation occurred shortly after Ross concluded his set by playing Kendrick Lamar's track "Not Like Us," known for its diss against Drake, sparking a negative reaction from some attendees.

Video footage shows Ross and his entourage involved in a heated argument with several individuals, which quickly escalated into a physical confrontation. Ross was visibly struck in the face during the brawl.

Multiple angles of the incident captured by attendees and shared online depict the brawl lasting for several intense minutes, involving both Ross's crew and others at the venue.

TMZ reported that the attack was primarily provoked by the strong reactions to Ross's music choice, particularly the controversial track aimed at Drake.

Despite the incident, Rick Ross has not directly addressed the confrontation on his social media platforms. However, he posted updates including videos where he appeared relaxed and unaffected, enjoying champagne and expressing positivity about his Vancouver visit.

Drake, who has had a history of lyrical sparring with both Ross and Kendrick Lamar, subtly responded by liking a video of the altercation shared on Instagram, without making any public statements.

50 Cent, another prominent rapper known for his feuds, notably mocked the incident on social media by reposting footage of Ross's exit from the brawl and offering taunts aimed at Ross, which sparked further online commentary and reactions.