Riders stuck on Incredicoaster at Disney California Adventure

The incident occurred around [Time], when the ride experienced a mechanical issue that caused the coaster to stop. The theme park's safety protocols were immediately activated.

Disney California Adventure has a robust safety protocol in place for situations like this, and the ride was shut down to ensure that all riders were safely evacuated and that any technical issues were addressed.

When the Incredicoaster came to a stop, Disney California Adventure’s team of ride operators and emergency personnel sprang into action. The evacuation process involved several steps.

Many guests on social media shared their experiences of being stuck on the Incredicoaster. While the situation was understandably frustrating for some, many praised the quick.

Disney California Adventure’s response was swift and professional. The park issued a statement addressing the incident.The park’s swift response highlights their commitment.

The Incredicoaster, formerly known as California Screamin’, is one of Disney California Adventure’s flagship attractions. Opened in 2001 and re-themed in 2018 to tie in with Pixar’s The Incredibles, the ride features.