The 8 Best Shows Like 'Game of Thrones', Ranked

A gripping political thriller following Frank Underwood's ruthless ascension in Washington, filled with manipulation, power plays, and the dark underbelly of American politics.

House of Cards:

HBO's compelling drama delves into the Machiavellian power struggles within a wealthy media family's empire, delivering complex characters and high-stakes intrigue.


Jason Momoa stars in this gritty historical drama set against the brutal backdrop of Canada's fur trade conflicts, blending action, survival themes, and historical authenticity.


A captivating fantasy series exploring parallel universes, featuring epic quests, magical creatures, and deep political intrigue amid a struggle for control of the multiverse.

His Dark Materials:

Set in ancient Rome, this historical drama chronicles Livia Drusilla's rise to power amidst a web of political machinations and personal ambitions, echoing Rome's turbulent history.


Based on Isaac Asimov's sci-fi epic, this series unfolds across galaxies, weaving intricate plots of power, religion, and technology as empires rise and fall in a vast universe.


An action-packed drama follows a Thracian gladiator's rebellion against the Roman Empire, blending intense battles, personal vendettas, and political schemes in ancient Rome.


In a dystopian future, women's rights are suppressed, focusing on one woman's fight for freedom in a society marked by oppression, resistance, and political manipulation.

The Handmaid's Tale:

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