The Most Beautiful Cities in Each of the 8 U.S. States to Add to Your Bucket List

Alabama - Fairhope

Nestled along Mobile Bay, Fairhope boasts charming streets, beautiful parks, and stunning sunsets. Known as The Jewel of the Eastern Shore, it offers vibrant bayfront views and an active arts community.

Alaska - Juneau

The capital city of Alaska, Juneau, showcases breathtaking natural beauty and provides access to numerous outdoor adventures and wildlife experiences.

Arizona - Sedona

Famous for its red rock formations, Sedona is a picturesque city that attracts visitors with its stunning landscapes and vibrant arts scene.

Arkansas - Eureka Springs

This Ozark mountain town is renowned for its Victorian architecture, winding streets, and natural beauty, making it a unique and pretty destination.

California - San Francisco

With its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, hilly terrain, and scenic bay views, San Francisco is a city known for its beauty and charm.

Colorado - Aspen

Aspen s natural beauty, surrounded by the Rocky Mountains, makes it a year-round haven for outdoor enthusiasts and a picturesque mountain town.

Connecticut - Mystic

This historic coastal town is celebrated for its charming seaport, scenic waterfront, and maritime heritage.

Delaware - Lewes

Known for its preserved historic district, picturesque beaches, and coastal charm, Lewes is Delaware s prettiest city.