These are the 7 benefits of cardio

1. Improves heart health

If you've ever started running, whether it's your first time or you've been off for a while, you know how it can strengthen your heart's capacity to sustain you.

2. Regulates appetite

A cardiovascular exercise may be the solution to stop your general pantry raiding if you're a snacker (who isn't?).

3. Aids fat loss

Because cardiovascular exercise is continuous in intensity, it burns more calories minute by minute than weight training. For this reason, engaging in cardiovascular exercise can aid in the reduction of body fat.

4. Budget-friendly

One major benefit of cardiovascular exercise is that it requires very little equipment. Exercises like walking, running, and intense bodyweight exercises can all be done for free.

5. Boosts brain power

Our brains gradually lose tissue as we get older. This process, which begins around age 30, significantly affects our ability to think clearly. Exercises involving the heart have been shown to dramatically lower the rate at which brain tissue ages.

6. Helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels

If you struggle with high blood pressure, cardiovascular exercise can help bring it down to a healthy level. One study found that endurance exercise was particularly beneficial in lowering blood pressure.

7. Protects your immune system

Strong immune systems have always been crucial, and fortunately, engaging in regular aerobic exercise will help maintain your immune system functioning at its best.